Tutorial: Pretty Powdered Donut Tower


Hello!  Paiges of Style back again...  I'm always looking for easy and inexpensive party desserts that won't cost me a fortune or take hours of my time. We all know how stressful setting up parties can be and I needed a sweets display that wouldn't break the bank or keep me up all night. Enter Hostess brand powdered donuts :) Piling up these little treats takes only about 5 minutes and looks so sweet and charming. Here's how I make my donut towers:

Start with a decorative cake stand to display your donut tower.  Create a solid base with donuts and make sure there are no large gaps in the center of your bottom circle. It's important to start with a good foundation.

Continue building your tower by making the circle of each upper layer a little smaller than the one below it. Again, make sure to fill in the center of your circle well, you may have to break the donuts into pieces to make the donuts fit well.

Once, you've built your tower, have some fun with dressing it up. For this birthday party, I made fabric flowers with pins on the back to serve as favors for the moms in attendance. I simply used floral pins to "pin" the flowers into place on the donuts.

Here's an inspiring donut tower that is too beautiful not to share! Jessica from Modern Moments Designs created this gorgeous tower for a bridal shower using flowers from Two Sugar Babies. I'm in love...


Heather J said...

Love this! So pretty.

Anonymous said...

Who knew powder donuts could look so pretty. Love this! I could see this for a baby shower or even morning breakfast. Looks so yummy!

Sarah @ Simply Sarah Style said...

This is so gorgeous, I had to pin it!

sarah said...

That is a fabulous idea for a wedding dessert table and super easy.

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