Merry Happy by CAKE. | Vintage Ice Cream Shop Invite

With summer just around the corner, now seems the perfect time to share the latest invitation design available in my Etsy shop.  I wanted it to evoke the feeling of a retro ice cream stand on a beach boardwalk (so you'll have to let me know if it brings back any childhood memories).

I initially designed this invite for my niece Hannah's 1st birthday.  How time flies... it feels like I was just helping to plan the baby shower.  They live in Dallas so sadly we couldn't attend the actual celebration, but I was excited to be able to contribute.  Hers was actually a sweet shop filled with cookies, ice cream and all kinds of cuteness.  I'm proud to see that a little of my party planning insanity has rubbed off on friends & family... check out Hannah's dessert table pictured below.

design + photos © cake.