Here are some questions that I get asked often. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, e-mail me: cakecreativeco@gmail.com 

Can I re-post something I saw on CAKE. ?  I'd love for you to share my work! Please be courteous and credit CAKE. with a link back to the specific post when sharing any images and layouts. Copy should be quoted and never directly lifted from this site. If you are sharing my content on social media, please include the hashtag #cakecreativeco

Do you accept blog submissions?  I am not accepting any submissions at this time.

Did you create all these posts yourself? My recent content is original and I strive to always give credit to external sources. I have a number of older posts written by contributors that are indicated as such. I also have a great deal of archived content including submissions and links to photos found on the web. I try to credit original sources, but if for some reason I haven’t, please alert me and I will make the appropriate credit or take down the post.

What category of blogger are you?  At one point I considered myself an events blogger when my focus was creating daily content for this site.  However, I don't really think of myself as a blogger anymore. I create pretty things and enjoy sharing them here (or on instagram if things are too hectic). I design invitations and party graphics. I craft. I style. I bake. Often I even take my own photos.

What kind of designs can you create? My focus is creating cheerfully modern event graphics- invitations, tags, garlands and everything in between. I prefer simple details, clean design and a touch of whimsy. I do not design using licensed characters unless they have been purchased by a client with full usage rights. Check out my shop for some examples of my style.

Can we collaborate on a project together? I love collaborating! Pitch me an idea and let's try and find a way to make it happen.

What sort of advertising do you offer? I am currently considering offers of sidebar advertising (static, 300px wide) and sponsored original content. If you have a product or company that is an appropriate fit with the style + audience of CAKE., contact me with the details of your request, and why you think we would work well together. I do not accept offers of samples, paid links, giveaways or product reviews.

Do you make money from your site? This site contains a few ads and affiliate links, where I earn a small commission from the sale. I occasionally partner with brands I stand behind to create original sponsored content. Sponsored posts are stated as such, and all thoughts and opinions about the product and/or service are my own. I also have an etsy shop where I sell my party invitations and printables.

What is your comment policy? I love having my readers interact with one another and I encourage you to comment, exchange ideas and start a conversation. I reserve the right to restrict comments that contain spam, profanity, negativity toward myself or the readers, or promote businesses and products in a manner not appropriate to CAKE.