wonderful graffiti

Another fabulous site I was reminded of when cleaning up my computer!  Wonderful Graffiti lets you design your own custom removable wall transfers.  Let the written word be your guide, or look to their site for endless inspiration.  A clever message would certainly make for dramatic party decor, such as... “Age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying you”.  

One of my favorite ideas however, is this “I wish” chalkboard graffiti design.  What a perfect place to capture your wildest birthday wishes!  How unfortunate that the framed chalkboard is not included... but maybe if I wish hard enough?

{image from wonderful graffiti}

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Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

what a great idea and what a great photo!

Hope all is well!

I finally know what kind of board i want for my 40th!!! How about Negril, Jamaica??? All inclusive Resort and Spa... Beaches Resort with my husband (8 years) and 2 kids (Sesame Street!!!)

Did I say all inclusive? Frozen Drinks anyone? Another shrimp or two? oh my!!!!

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