party inspiration board: it's your lucky day

I’ve been playing around with ideas for a ‘lucky day’ birthday party for a few weeks, but I was having a hard time coming up with a unifying theme to pull it all together. Today it finally came to me… things that are lucky include: horseshoes, rabbits(feet), (lucky)ducks, four leaf clovers and the Irish of course. So what better then a kelly green garden party accented with hints of white and yellow? Invite an intimate group of family & friends for lunch and let the party celebrate not only your special day, but how lucky you are to have such wonderful people in your life. Thank them with a lucky charm favor like a ribbon tied horseshoe or starter kit of clover seeds for the garden.

Row 1: table setting, china, favors via martha stewart, invite via lemon tree paperie, flowers via the knot
Row 2: mason jar via snippet and ink, horeshoes via lucky me, clovers & table setting via martha stewart
Row 3: mint julep via examiner, invite via snippet and ink, duck & bunny via flickr
Row 4: bunnies via etsy, garden kit via lucky me, cake via real simple


A Wedding Story said...

The images are so soft and pretty. How did you make that board?

preppyinnewengland said...

Love this idea.....the board you created is great!

Avian | said...

somebody host this party so I can go to it!! =)

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