custom inspiration board: a modern monster bash

Carrie is hosting a modern monster party for her son's 3rd birthday and asked me to put together an inspiration board to help get her started with ideas. She's also a talented graphic designer and provided me a potential invitation as well as her own happy monster design. I thought they were just adorable and had to share them as part of the board because they'll make a great basis for the theme. I also provided her with a color palette recommendation because it was surprisingly hard to find images that were appropriate in both color and theme.

Theme: Modern Monsters

Party Ideas
Colors: A combo of 3 modern colors (recommended: blue, lime green, orange)
Setting: Indoors at home or local clubhouse, 12-15 kids
Decorations: There are several kinds of modern monsters on the market these days including ugly dolls and fluffels. You can either buy a few plushes or make your own creations out of fleece fabric and use them as the table centerpieces, hanging from bunches of balloons around the room*. Draw monster footprints leading up to your door. Also, create a banner in the style of the invitations and other coordinating details like gift tags, thank you notes etc.
Food: kid friendly lunch foods with fun names (ie: chicken fingers= monster fingers). For dessert, make rice crispy treats with m&ms in blob like 'monster shapes'. or decorate cookies/cupcakes with icing in the theme colors.
Activities: Have the kids craft their own monster (have google eyes and foam shapes etc with glue sticks). Also consider coloring in monsters, pin the body part on the monster, monster mash musical chairs etc.
Favors: *everyone gets to take home one of the plush monsters at the end of the party.
Guest book: Have everyone write messages to the birthday boy in a copy of the tickle monster book.

Photo Credits
Row 1: invite via stationary scoop; gift bags via julie gcf; placemat via remodern
Row 2: cupcake via
bunnycakes; calling card via stationary scoop; banner via the mcculleys
Row 3: monster sundae and coloring table via juicy bits; tickle monster book via amazon; handmade monster via flickr

Row 4: plush ugly dolls via land of nod; ugly doll figurines via flickr; marshmallow pops via very sweet desserts


Amy said...

very cute..job well done!

Emily said...

I was so excited to see this post because of your tease yesterday. I thought I was going to do a robot party for my son's upcoming 3rd birthday, but recently (we're still a couple months away, but I love to plan) he started telling me that he would really love a monster party. I don't even think he knows what that means, but he's so into monsters lately. We LOVE the tickle monster book and are going to read that as part of the party. We also have the tickle mitts that coordinate with the book, and I'm going to sew little monster mitts for all the party guests so that all the children can be little monsters! Thank you for your great post, I'm just starting to plan and this was just PERFECT for me!

Amanda said...

This is fantastic. I love love love this!

Unknown said...

Very cute! I really like the table covering! all great finds!

Kim @

Anonymous said...

It's all cute and fun, but boy oh boy, do I LOVE the cupcake with the monster cookie on top!!!

Tonia Hobbs said...

So cute! My friend is trying to plan her little boys party, and I will tell her about this! Love your blog!

Lora Joy said...

too cute!!! we need to see more BOY parties! =)

Unknown said...

as always, super adorable!

PatLeal said...

Love it!!! I made one party yesterday. The Theme was Puzzles.

Patricia Leal

Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

AWW~ the marshmallow pops are ADORABLE!

b.a.s.h.ful custom event kits said...

b.a.s.h.ful gal Azila threw a Monster bash for her lil monster back in december. we still need to post pics from it. lol.

as soon as we do, i'll let you know...maybe your client will find some inspiration there too! :)

love the color palette!! and those marshmallow guys are just too cute too eat up. awesome job on this board!

milk tea + polkadots said...

Love the color combo! I'm helping a friend design her baby's 1st bday invitation. I just might use those colors!

Jenn Hardie said...

Perfect timing. I just ordered my small fry's birthday gifts from Ugly Doll. His two favorite toys are these $1 monsters that I picked up from Target at Halloween. So I decided to base his party on his favorite toy. Now I just have to get my booty moving and create his party :) Thanks for the inspiration!

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