guest post: brilliant baby shower details

Thank you, Becca, for asking me to guest blog. I feel so honored. So to honor you and your new baby, I thought I'd write about baby shower details we've seen on our site that I love.

A Beautiful Blessing Board

This blessing board was not only a pretty design element at this Yellow & Blue Baby Shower but a super easy way for guests to write their own blessings for the new baby.

"Baby Shower blessing board to share your good wishes"

A Fun Co-ed Theme

At this "B" is for Baby Shower, the theme was simple and fun... the letter "B." So to appeal to both men and women, they served burgers, buffalo wings, boiled shrimp, beer, banana pudding, and bubblegum. What I love about this theme is it's cute, but not too cute. :)

"'B' is for Baby Shower - a fun and simple theme"

Great Idea - Bring a Book

The invitation to this Books and Owls Baby Shower came with a book plate. Guests were encouraged to bring a book for the baby instead of a writing a card. On the book plate they could leave a message. What a great way for this family to start building their library for their baby.

"Bring a book with a message instead of writing a card"

Funny and Useful Daddy Gift

Because most showers are all about the mom-to-be , this hostess put together a "Daddy Doody Kit" for the dad-to-be. It was filled with diapers, wipes, rash cream, gloves, goggles, face mask, clothes pin for his nose, hand sanitizer, wipes, and even Tylenol for the daddy. I thought this was a great way to include the dad, so he wasn't just the guy who shows up at the end to load up the car with gifts.

"Daddy Doody Kit to acknowledge the dad-to-be"

Beautiful Homemade Favors

I love the homemade bath scrub favors at this Celebrating Baby Zoe Baby Shower. Anyone who's read my blog knows I'm a big fan of DIY details. They're not only cost-effective, they're personal. These bath scrubs doubled as the place card at this shower. And I love the tag line, "From our shower to yours."

"Homemade bath scrub favors"

For more baby shower inspirations, please visit our site, and congrats to Becca on her new baby to come. What an exciting time this is!

- by Jillian Tohber Leslie of
Catch My Party


star said...

I will keep these ideas in mind for whenever I need to host a baby shower! I love the idea of bringing ba book instead of a card!

Galena said...

Great ideas! Thanks for this post

Not HER Again said...

Cute, sweetie. And by the way, I love the photography, too. (Skittering off to see if there are photo credits)

Nice ideas!

Mel at Shareholidays

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