guest post: hosting a teen murder mystery party

Who doesn’t love a mystery? If you are looking for a creative teen party theme, a murder mystery party is perfect for teens. You can make your murder mystery party as intricate or as simple as you like. Create your scandalous murder mystery party invitations around your mystery party theme. If you want to do a clue based murder mystery parties each guest is the suspect and everyone works together to solve the mystery.

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You’ll want to send out your murder mystery party invitations a few weeks in advance so guests can prepare for their role. You’ll want to assign each guest a character before they arrive so they can show up in costume. As the party guests arrive, make a brief introduction as to how the game works but you’ll want to advise that thereafter, everyone stay in character. This will make the game more fun!

You can purchase murder mystery game kits that make it very easy to throw murder mystery parties. You can also create your own. Unleash your inner mystery writer and create your own scenario of villains and victims. Most murder mystery games have rounds and during each round, each player is given 2 clues, one to reveal an one to conceal. If you allow an hour per round, it’s good to have about 3 or 4 rounds. They players can reveal there clue to whom they like. The concealed clue is one that they will try to spin or avoid talking about but if asked, they can’t lie. After all the rounds are complete, you’ll gather your guests and let each player announce who they think did it and why. Have a prize for the player who guesses correctly!

Murder Mystery Party Themes for Teens
• 8o’s
• The Hills – change character names but fill the same roles

• Football Team and Cheerleaders

• High School Drama Club

• Spring Break

• Prom

• Vampires – make characters a mix of vampires and humans

Have fun with it! Murder Mystery Parties are a great way to entertain friends and family.

- By Leslie Blumenstein of Purple Trail


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