real parties: a kid friendly NYE {& DiY confetti eggs}

Kellie of This Blessed Nest sent in a little party she put together for her family last New Years Eve. With just a few simple decorations and desserts she was able to throw it together in a matter of days. My favorite touch is the carton of festive confetti eggs- any kid would love a chance to crack one open on a sibling or parent! See below for a simple tutorial on how to make them at home yourself...

{images via this blessed nest}

Confetti Eggs How-To:

1. Using the points of a pair of scissors, crack a small hole at the larger end of an egg. Let the egg drain, carefully rinse its interior, and allow it to dry. Use dye to color the eggshell; allow to dry thoroughly.

2. Fashion a funnel from a piece of paper, and fill the egg about halfway with ready-made confetti or with your own homemade version (simply cut up several sheets of tissue paper into tiny squares).

3. Cut a piece of tissue paper slightly larger in size than the egg's hole. Run the glue stick around the edges of the hole and over one side of the paper; seal the hole by pressing the paper firmly over the opening.

tutorial via
martha stewart


brooke said...

Adorable!!! Love it. Just in time. Thanks for all the great posts. I have so enjoyed your blog.

Caroline said...

Wow! I love this!

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