the giving tree: a DiY creation

Hello again from Ana of Live & Enliven.  After doing a lot of thinking about what I was going to post next here - I came to the decision of making up something in my head that I thought was lovely - and putting together all the things I’m loving lately. I stumbled upon the idea of making a giving tree. The entire concept came together once I realized I wanted to make something beautiful, affordable and fun - and what's more fun than a DIY? I know… nothing.

So here is what you need to make this giving tree:

1. Dry branches that you can find on your neighbor's lawn (that's where I got mine from)
2. A nice vase (or a glass carafe in this case)
3. The cone template that you can download here
4. Regular white glue
5. Scissors
6. Cover stock or scrapbooking paper
7. Crepe paper
8. Ribbon
9. Cupcake liners
10. A brush

+ Don't forget the goodies you will put into the cones which I forgot to add to this photo.

Now, the instructions for the cone come with the template's printout above… so let's see what you will need to do next:

1. Print and cut out the template
2. Glue the cones along the “seams”
3. Cut crepe paper into quarters
4. Push with a pencil or brush in the center to form flowers
5. Fold cupcake liners
6. You need to loosely double them up 3 times
7. Make little flowers to glue to the tree
8. Punch holes in the cones
9. You can do that with a puncher or scissor
10. Push a ribbon through the holes
11. Cut the ribbons at different sizes so that they hang at different heights
12. Place the goodies inside and top it with the flowers
+ Hang them on the tree branches and decorate everything with the colors and shapes you like the best.

Thank you for reading us again and to Becca for inviting us...if you decide to make this at home, please do email us so we can see it!

Warm Regards,


Cakewalk Baking said...

So pretty, Ana! Great idea!

Ana Degenaar said...

So exciting to be here again! Thank you!

Mom-topia said...

what kinds of goodies did you put in the cones?

lauryn said...

This is so darling. Thanks for posting! We liked it so much we had to share this link with our readers- check out our post here:
Lauryn from THURSDAYS

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