DiY | Color Block Easter Eggs


I'll be honest... I'm kind of in love with this project.  I've been pinning loads of beautiful Easter eggs this month and was thinking about what a shame it is that they only last a few days.  Then lo and behold, while I was at the craft store hunting for the cheap-o plastic kind, I wandered into these wooden beauties and bam- inspiration! It's almost like they were begging to become a DiY.  They've already become a focal point of our spring decor, and they're sturdy enough that I'm considering hiding them around the house for Caitlin to hunt down next Sunday.

I'm a bit of a failure as a DiYer because I never stop what I'm doing to take pictures of the process, but you can rest assured that these are pretty easy... see below for the written instructions. Have a happy Easter!

photos + styling © cake. 2013
Here's what you'll need: 
- wooden eggs
- masking or washi tape
- craft paints (I used martha stewart pea shoot + gold)
- 2 small paint brushes 
- egg cups for drying paint (a cooling rack works too)

Here's what to do:
1. Wrap tape end to end around your eggs using a different angle on each egg.  If you're planning on using multiple colors, it's best to choose the lighter color first and let dry completely before taping and painting the darker color. 
2. Brush paint on taped area. This may require 2 coats. Tip: If you're impatient like me, I find that using my finger to help smooth the paint helps it dry faster and more evenly.
3. Let paint dry before removing tape.
4. Use a bit of paint on the end of your brush to even out any rough edges.

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Christine {Pure Joy} said...

Loving how they turned out.

Unknown said...

I LOVE this!! Where on earth did you find wooden eggs from>? :) Lovely! x

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