Season to Sparkle | DiY Sequin Holiday Wreath

Welcome back to the Season to Sparkle party hop.  Today I'm sharing my DiY tutorial for a sparkling sequin wreath... So shiny! So colorful!  This thing gives off some serious holiday bling.

Now in theory it's super easy to make. So easy a four year old can do it.  But I'm going to tell it to you guys straight... this is a time consuming project.  It took about 4-5 evenings of sequin pinning to get it finished. I even enlisted my daughter Caitlin's help because her nimble little hands made her the perfect assistant.  Yes, for a while there I was afraid I was running a sequin sweat shop, but she promised she was having fun. The whole time she just kept saying with awe "it is SO beautiful mommy!".  Sequins will do that to a four year old (and some of us grownups too I guess).

- standard sequins in a variety of colors and sizes
- sequin pins (plan for 2-3 packages of 500)
- foam wreath
- satin ribbon for hanging

1. Pick a spot on the foam wreath and begin pinning your sequins. There's no rhyme or reason to it, but I recommend working out from a single spot and covering the front area first, then working your way around to the back.
2. When you're satisfied with the amount you've covered, loop your satin ribbon around the top of the wreath and tie a simple bow. That's it!
Tip: The larger the sequins the faster the process will go, but make sure your pins are large enough for the hole in the larger sequins. Otherwise they'll just keep falling off. I learned this the hard way and ended up using sewing straight pins for some of the larger ones.

Okay, so you ready for more?  You bet!

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Come back tomorrow for more... there's may be something sweet in it for you.

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The Elephant of Surprise said...

All that hard work paid off! It turned out gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

So pretty but it looks like it would take a million years to finish!

PrincessDestiny said...

LOVE the wreath! Do you have any up close photos of it? I am thinking of maybe making one for my daughters first bday with gold and different shades of pink. :)

CAKE Creative Co. said...

Thank you guys so much! @PrincessDestiny- I did take some step by step closer up photos. I will upload them soon and update the post! :)

PrincessDestiny said...

Awesome! Definitely going to try to do this! If I find the time! Thanks! :)

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