A Joyful No Sew Holiday Banner


Felt message banners are such a fun and easy way to add some joy (or love, or peace, or cheer…) to your home this holiday season. You can make them in endless festive color pairings and trace the letters in any font you like. I did my banner lettering freehand to save time and add a bit of extra character. Here’s how to make your own:

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- 2 sheets of contrasting colored felt
- thin wood dowel, at least 2 inches longer than your banner
- Baking twine or yarn
- No sew hem tape (w/ iron) or hot glue gun
- Ruler
- Pencil or chalk

1. Create your base felt.  Use a ruler and mark the center of your felt at the lowest point you want your angle. Then mark both sides of the felt about 3” up, forming a triangle at the base. Trim from center to the edges.
2. Line the top of your base felt with hem tape and fold over about 1 inch from the top, leaving a gap to slide a dowel through. Iron/Glue and press firmly into place for a strong hold. Slide your dowel in place, leaving an 1” extra on each side.
3. Measure your lettering felt on top of the base to ensure your letters will fit within the space. Either freehand sketch/trim your block letters, or use a paper cut program like Silhouette create templates in your favorite font. Trace them onto your lettering felt and trim out.
4. Line the back of your letters with hem tape or hot glue, and place on to the backing felt.
5. Cut a length of your twine or yarn and tie to each end of the dowel. Hang and you're done!

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This is so cute and easy!

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