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Today we 'celebrated' my husband's birthday. I put the word celebrated in quotes because much to my dismay, my husband is not a birthday guy. He doesn't like the extra attention and can't quite wrap his head around the idea of celebrating himself. I know a few other people who share his sentiments and I’m sure you do as well. If you want to respect their wishes without ignoring the day completely, here are a few low key birthday suggestions:

1. Keep it lighthearted. A funny card makes a safe bet, especially when left somewhere to be discovered later, like tucked inside a purse or briefcase. Obviously if that’s impractical based on location, go ahead and drop one in the mail.

{cards via whimsy press}

2. Gifts can sometimes make people feel uncomfortable, but you know your friend or family member well enough to make the call. Remember, some of the best gifts are small and sentimental- like a framed picture from a recent event.

{image via pottery barn}

3. Instead of throwing a party or birthday dinner, get together some friends for a group activity like a baseball game, hiking trip, wine tasting or movie night. Keep it casual and take the focus off the birthday boy/girl.

{images via napa weekends and recipe 4 living}

4. If you’re going out to eat, ask your server to bring out dessert with a single candle, and make it very clear that they skip the song and dance.

{photo by paperseed via flickr}

5. Better yet, offer to cook dinner as a birthday gift, or invite a few close friends over to help, and enjoy a relaxing evening in.

{image via real simple}

6. One final word of advice. No matter how many ways you try rationalize it... a surprise party is definitely a bad idea.

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