real parties: 30th birthday drinks & dessert

Last night I co-hosted a 30th birthday party at a local wine bar. Having the party at an outside venue turned out to be an excellent idea- it cost about the same as having a party at home without the hassle of clean up.

We had around 35 people for drinks and dessert in a cozy private wine room. Since the party didn't begin until after the dinner hour, we provided just a few light appetizers of bruschetta, olives, cheese and fruit, and put the focus on a dessert buffet including home baked cookies, brownies, chocolate covered strawberries and cheesecake. The wood decor, red velvet curtains, and low lit candles made for a relaxed and sophisticated evening.

Unfortunately due to the lighting, the majority of the images were too poor in quality to post. I'm disappointed not to be able to share more, but here at least are a few shots of the cookie jars and the setting...

{venue: marc 49, oakland ca}

Some of the other details that gave the party a more personal touch included a special drink menu, as well as glassine bags and stickers so our guests could take extra treats home as favors. The color scheme was done in browns, greens and burgundy to compliment the decor and play off the colors of the wine.

{designs & images by me}

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Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

can you make me an inspiration board for my 40th? September 11, 1969. (I know, 9/11...)

This looks like quite a party

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