party inspiration: hot fun in the summertime

I've been on the go all weekend celebrating birthdays and generally being productive, but now alas it seems that my energy has pittered out and my eyes are glazing over. I couldn't bear to leave you empty handed on a Sunday, so I bring you this inspiration board courtesy of one of my very favorite bloggers snippet & ink. Her talent for inspiration boards knows no bounds. This board is just so bright and cheery, isn't it? It definitely put me in the mood to host a bbq this summer.

{image via snippet & ink}


Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

OMG. Loving the lady in the lower right corner!

Got your comment about the store down the street from you!!! I just don't remember where i found them..., they may have found me?

Honestly thought they were from My Flip Flopz..., but they're located in Fla. Hm.

Sorry you missed the sale! I'm going to try and keep a calendar of events so NOBODY misses anything again!!!

Hope all is well with you. Back from vaca, so will be back in the swing of things soon, I hope!

Unknown said...

love this-super cute!

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