real parties: polka dot perfection

This party has captured my heart this week.  I seem to be continually drawn to the sherbet colored palette, but that’s only because it works so well for so many events!   And polka dots are just plain fun in any size or color.   In my opinion, this party by inchmark does dots just right.  Cheery and whimsical, without going too overboard on the details.  As she herself admits, her 2 year old daughter Bee (great name too!) probably wouldn’t know the difference.  Sometimes we planners just can’t help ourselves, but case in point... the result is always worth the extra effort. 

{more details & images via inchmark}


Anonymous said...

Love the dots! Really simple idea, but classically beautiful. Great idea!

Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

I love that party! I almost posted it yesterday! :) So simple...yet so cute!

koralee said...

lovely....who doesn't love polka dots....have a great weekend!

Laura said...

Hi honey. Hope you have a great time in North Beach this weekend. I love Glamour Closet. Oh and if you have a chance check out 'I Dream of Cake' on Grant Street. I left you a little prezzie under my featured smartie badge... enjoy!

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