custom inspiration board: a southern garden 70th

Terri is planning her mom's 70th birthday and wanted to lend some southern touches to her garden theme. The event is being held outdoors in their backyard and will be tented, but I wanted to incorporate her mom's favorite colors (pink, red, and purple) and maintain a sense of backyard charm without going too rustic or formal.

: A southern Garden party

Party Ideas
Colors: pink, red, purple
Setting: a tented outdoor garden luncheon for 50-75
Invitations: consider a floral garden themed invite, or a vintage silhouette of your mom in profile, perhaps wearing a church hat.
Decorations: since the event will be tented, hang parasols and colored paper lanterns from the ceiling at varying lengths. add a pop of color to the tables with lush flower arrangements in reds, pinks and purples. Also consider a colored accent like purple napkins. Use patterned china, vintage cake plates, milk glass, mason jars and other small accents that keep the mood charming, but comfortable.
Food: a southern comfort buffet (ie: fried chicken, potato salad, greens etc). mint juleps and sweet tea, lemonade to drink. a dessert table including tiers of red velvet cupcakes, pecan tarts, sweet potato pie, peach cobbler etc.
Favors: to add to the theme, offer fans for the ladies and cigars for the gentleman. or a sweet southern treat like glassine wrapped pralines.
Other: encourage guests to wear their southern finery... ie: seersucker, big hats etc. after lunch, consider a few rounds of bingo for entertainment.

Photo Credits
Row 1: table rounds via wedding bee pro; lanterns via brookman harris; purple tables via kiss the groom; floral arrangement via brides
Row 2: mint juleps via southern living; hanging parasols via kiss the groom; pecan pie
Row 3: cherry favors & flower invites via martha stewart; hat via brides; tent via bronson photographic; tiered desserts via classic bride
Row 4: sweet tea; labeled food via oh happy day; siloutte invite via minted; red velvet cupcakes via country living; hat via stiletto sports


Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

Oooh! I love this! So southern and wonderful!

Sandi said...

This was sounds great! I hope she shares her pictures with you when its over! Love those red chairs in the picture too..

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