guest post: DiY fringe party hats

I’m not nearly organized or patient enough for scrapbooking, but I love the paper for creating all kinds of custom details for parties – invites, favor packaging and especially party hats! Making your own hats is quick & easy and creates a big impact at any party.

Materials needed:

12 X 12 scrapbook paper – 1 sheet per hat

1 cone hat for reference

1 roll crepe paper

Double-sided tape

Elastic cord

Tools needed:

Sewing machine


Trace outline of premade hat scrapbook hat and cut out.

Apply double sided tape to one short edge of the hat and fold to create cone.

Cut strip of elastic cord for chin strap and tape on the inside of the hat.

To create fringe: cut 3 -15” strips of crepe paper.
Layer them and sew a seam down the middle.

Fold crepe paper in half and cut to create fringe – being careful to not cut the seam.

Apply double sided tape to the bottom of the hat and attach fringe.

Apply hat to child and voila, it party time!

- by Michele Wimborough of Cakewalk Baking

{photography by sherry heck}


linnette from said...

OH wow--I have looking on how to this!!! Thank you for posting this magnificent tutorial! :)

Free Pretty Things For You said...

i love turning old party hat into new pretty hats using scrap booking paper!
i have never used the fringe on the bottom though! Love that!!

Unknown said...

these are ADORABLE! love this tutorial, great post!!!!

Cakewalk Baking said...

Thanks for the opportunity to post on your amazing blog, Becca! I hope you're enjoying being a new mommy. We're dying to see pictures!

Belly Feathers said...

The fringe on these hats is so adorable!!! This gives me incentive to see if I can sew in a straight line. Thanks for the great idea! I'm definitely going to share it on my Facebook page:

Sandi said...

so so cute!!
thanks for this tutorial.

Sweet Touch Events said...

Thanks for sharing. Great tutorial. Now if I can sew the fringe on that would be a bonus on my part.

brooke said...

I am a nurse in a newborn intensive care unit. We make birthday hats for the preemies monthly birthdays. I am totally going to try this for my little friends one month birthdays! Teeny tiny fringed birthday hats. BEYOND cute!

Denise @ feltplayground said...

adorable! :)

That Cute Little Cake said...

Thanks for this great tutorial. I was inspired to create a little birthday hat for my one year old.
I will be linking back to your blog from

Amy @ Blowout Party said...

This is great! I linked to this post:

Anonymous said...

Ooh, so fun. Excellent color choices, too. I'm not a child any more but I want one for myself!

danielle :) said...

SO doing this for my daughter's 3rd bday party! It's gonna be a Silly Hat I can do my own color theme! Brilliant! Thank you SO much!

Anonymous said...

Martha Stewart brand makes a fringe cutting scissor specifically for cutting very finely like this. (Just thought you or anyone would want to know!!!)

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