A Vintage 30th with English Charm

Enjoy this lovely 30th birthday dinner party with an English flair, courtesy of Katie.  Charming, rustic and serene...

photos © davi, via katygirl

hello! i'm katy from scottyboy and katygirl. after months of planning, my husband and 3 of my girlfriends created the perfect party for my 30th birthday. because scott and i got engaged in London, i have always been in love with anything England. i've got some extremely talented friends, so they rounded up all of their London stuff and added some vintage details. i could not have been more in love with every last second of that night! my friend megan designed the invites and my friend davi took all the pictures. my friend lorie designed the burlap banner. they made my favorite meal and my favorite desserts. and no detail went unnoticed by me. each of them worked so hard to make me feel loved and it worked! it was one of the most special nights i've ever had.


Christine {Pure Joy} said...

Loving all of the sweet details.

katygirl said...

this is so fun! thank you!

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