Postcards from Sonoma: Cornerstone Gardens

The second half of our Sonoma trip finds us at Cornerstone Gardens.  Though the gardens are mere steps from the site where we were married three years ago, somehow we never made our way over to explore during our planning process. Cornerstone is known for it's modern art installations embedded among natural landscape settings. While it feels a bit surreal at first, once the mind adjusts there is beauty to be discovered around every turn...

One of the most interesting pieces was a wishing garden.  Guests were invited to write a wish on shimmering ribbon and tie it to a length of metal chain in the garden.  Hundreds if not thousands of wishers had already paid a visit, and the ribbons made a gorgeous spectacle dancing in the breeze.  This idea may even be something to think about for your next party.  It's essentially a larger more modern version of the wish tree I created for my daughter's birthday...

Cornerstone also serves as a wedding venue... offering a spacious lawn, open air tent and modern barn as options for their events (click here for pics). After our romantic afternoon stroll, we concluded that had we bothered to check it out before our own wedding we would definitely have considered getting married there ourselves.  I don't know anything about their level of service in order to recommend it as a venue, but you simply can't ask for more from their grounds. 

photos © cake. 2011

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