Postcards from Sonoma: The Fremont Diner

Since I left everyone hanging for a few days last week, I figured the least I could do was to share a few adventures from our anniversary in Sonoma.  This is the first of two installments... scenes from our perfectly over-indulgent lunch at the Fremont Diner.  I'll let the pictures be your guide, but let me say this... if you happen to be in the area, skip your fancy plans and go here.  Go here and don't look back. It's rustic charm personified, and the southern style comfort food will knock your socks clean off.

photos © cake. 2011


Christine {Pure Joy} said...

It has so much charm and character. Wish I had known about this place when I lived in the Bay area.

CAKE Creative Co. said...

Didn't know you used to live in the Bay Area Christine... what small world! :)

kim m said...

how cute! and that food looks yummy... glad you had a good day.

birdie to be said...

Lovely post! I am from here and love seeing hometown pics!

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