A Stylish 'Elle' Magazine First Birthday

This magazine inspired party for Elle is too clever (but seriously, how can you have a daughter named Elle and resist this theme, right?) Elle's mom Phu, designed much of the party herself with the help of family and friends, incorporating Chinese, American, and Vietnamese traditions and food. Super fun and fabulously girly... there's even a red carpet style 'Elle' backdrop.  Read on below for all the details from Phu...

 photos © susan hudson photography

From Phu: After taking her 7 month photos, there was a very posed photo that inspired Elle's 1st birthday party.  Elle Magazine.  As someone not so fashion forward, we concentrated on photos, the font for ELLE on the cover, some of the magazine's standard headlines, and the colors pink, black and white to carry on the theme throughout the party.  Invitations were the inspiration photo mocked up as a magazine cover with taglines indicating elements of the party. 

RED CARPET READY? Papparazi Perfect Picture Poses: We hired a photographer to take photos of the guests entering the house on the red carpet and stopping at our mini step and repeat.  Guests received this photo as part of their thank you for coming.  Our friends had a huge printer and I submitted a design to them as a PDF file that they printed for us. 

ARE YOU A MILK-A-HOLIC? How Desserts Can Help You Cope: This was a catchy phrase used to showcase our dessert table.  Everything but the two layer birthday cake was made at home.  The simply decorated birthday cake by Jackie Spratt emulated the design from the invitation and I hand made the ELLE topper by dyeing, molding and drying fondant on sticks. We bought toppers from Cake Sugar Designs for the homemade cupcakes to carry on the design theme.  The other desserts were simple, theme oriented, milk-friendly, and all made at home with love: chocolate chip cowboy cookies (recipe taken from bakerella), brownies, pink rice crispy treats, red velvet cake balls, and homemade chocolate ganache filled pink macarons.  To incorporate some other elements of fashion and the magazine, the kids took home small swag bags with an ELLE cup containing sunglasses and candy and served as a container to take desserts home with them. 

We also asked guests to partake in an Asian tradition of guessing what Elle would be when she grows up.  Elle was a presented a tray of items that portray things she might be when she grows up and she selects an item.  (She played to the Asian crowd and picked the syringe indicating something in the health professions ;) Above the display for this game was a pictoral timeline of Elle's first year.  Each month had a photo and milestones written out for guests to see and read about her first year.

For non-dessert food, we had a mix of American and Asian food...as a tribute to her bi-racial identity.  We made a hot dog bar with gourmet toppings that guests could either follow our recommendations or make their own.  Snacks included BLT bites, caprese skewers, and parmisan fries.  We also experimented with chicken, bacon donut burgers as well as made fried panko crusted deviled avocado eggs.  Asian food consisted of various noodle dishes, curry soup, eggrolls, and wraps.  A little something for everyone and all of it was made at home by her loving family.

We also had cotton candy and a jump house as a gift from her uncle.  He didn't know what to get her, so he thought those two things would benefit her and the party :)  As you can tell, this party was a family affair where we decorated and cooked our hearts out.  
Photography: Susan Hudso
Invitation printers: VistaPrint
Invitation Photo: Arden Prucha Photography
Cake: Jackie Spratt Cakes
Cupcake Toppers: Sugar Cake Designs
Pink Elle Stadium Cups: Creative Cup
Florist, food, other desserts, and decoration: Elle's wonderful family


Lo. said...

this party looks SERIOUSLY amazing!

Christine {Pure Joy} said...

What a clever theme! Loved how the whole family pitched in to make it a memorable celebration.

Sarah said...

Super cute and creative idea! I love it. I love the magazine cover haha.

- Sarah

Cherry Blossoms said...

My daughter's name is also Elle-and I am planning her 1st bday. This theme is way too cute for words!

Inge said...

That is sooo cute and adorable! Still figuring out what theme I should pick for my baby boy... :-) But I love this one so much!
Inge x


Sonia said...

This is adorable! Can I ask what went into the macaron parfaits (besides macarons)? Those look fantastic!

BunnyPhu said...

The macarons were actually just pink colored (plain almond flavored) and I put chocolate ganache in the middle. I have to reiterate how much this party was a group effort. My brother actually called me late one night with the red carpet idea and my sister, cousin, and brother were up all night before prepping. Can't thank them enough!

BunnyPhu said...

Oh the macaron parfaits were just the ugly macaron shells, vanilla custard, and fruit. A way not to waste the imperfect shells ;)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful job!! Such a beautiful & creative party!! Where did you get the invitations and the step/repeat from?

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