Tea + Taxidermy: A Bridal Shoot

I'm always happy for an opportunity to feature something out of the ordinary, and I found myself intrigued by this bridal inspiration shoot from FRESH photography.  I love the juxtaposition between the vintage setting and the intense surreal models.  This shoot was a collaboration between a number of Canadian local artists... read on for more info below.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one.

 photos © fresh photography

From FRESH: The Oddly Beautiful Taxidermy-inspired Bridals were a creative, collaborative effort of local artists. FRESH brain-childs two such styled bridal sessions a year, partnering with trusted professionals to showcase, share and live our passion. We're mostly creatives from a small mountain town, fighting boredom in the off-season. The Bridals were originally inspired by the mixed-media sculpture of Joey Conundrum and found vintage dresses and conceptualized by FRESH. It's a personal goal to challenge myself creatively, technically and professionally on a regular basis. Stepping out of my comfort into an explosion of autumn color and shadow has, I think, pushed all of us artists in a positive direction. For it is usually when we step out - in faith, out of the box, off the cliff - that one's potential is reached. 

The Story: Our 3 wishful brides - with divergent lives and paths, reflected by their blonde, brunette and auburn hair - have met circumstantially at an abandoned home.  Their hearts, in a similar state - neglected but not yet abandoned - are bound by common hope and longing to meet their beloved, their Sparrow. The word "sparrow" being a Native American symbol of desire and fertility.  (see Brother Sparrow - Agnes Obel). Not hearing word nor receiving sign, the trio is discontent to sit and wait.  They set out on a pilgrimage, climbing mountainous terrain to increase their view over the river valley.  And that is where they leave us, having scaled great heights, taking permanent watch over the area, waiting for sight of their beloved.

Concept, Styling - FRESH Photography 
Cinematography - Ben Olsen
Cakery - Sweet Dreams Cakery 
Hair Stylist - Stephanie of Shine Salon 
Makeup Artist - Makeup by Emily Kjelshus 
Mixed Media Artist, Assistant - Joey Conundrum 
Models - Lisa Frisk, Sam Zielsdorf, Tamer Vockeroth 
Furniture - Trail's Treasure Chest


Apurva said...

Outstanding work! :)

Courtney said...

Love this! Much more interesting than the usual bridal themes.

Anonymous said...

Horrible shoot- bad 80ies hair, horrible make up and absolutely not fresh ideas and photos. As if it is back to the 80-ies again- bad dramatic poses mixed with some "modern" stiff ideas.

Mikal H. said...

I absolutely LOVE this! I've been a FRESH fan for years (having met her a decade ago when we both lived in the same town). She's fun, inventive, creative, and supremely talented!!!

Sandi said...

I totally enjoyed the paradigm shift of your latest creative endeavour. It's wonderful to see artists' step beyond their comfort zone and risk. Without risk creativity can be stiffled and may wither and die. Koodos to all of you! Keep up the amazing work! Stay creative and continue to grow and enrich the world around you!

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