Free Easter Bunny Printables + an Update

We are huge fans of Annie's organic bunny products in our house, and as Easter and springtime draws close, I wanted to incorporate them into a family friendly printable for the season. So how about sending your little ones to school with a special snacktime treat and a little bunny love? These cute tags can be used lots of ways. I designed them in pink and orange with two lengths for different bag sizes... or you can always just cut and hole punch them for Easter place settings or gift tags.  Aren't they fun?

photo + styling © cake. 2012

Additionally, I wanted to offer apologies for the unannounced absence last week (though I hope you enjoyed the tea cookies) and update everyone that I'm going to reduce our post schedule for the time being as I re-prioritize and seek out additional help and contributors for CAKE.

Some of you may not know that in addition to running this blog, I'm also a full time working mom.  I recently accepted an incredible new full time position, and though I couldn't be happier about the opportunity, it involves additional hours and commitments.  I have no intention of giving up what I've worked so hard to build, but maintaining a sense of balance is important, especially as a mom.  Perhaps you can relate?  I hope I can count on your continued support of CAKE. and would love to hear from those in a similar position who want to share advice or tips on making it all work.

Now enough about me... go enjoy your Monday and your freebies!


testing 1 said...

It sounds like you've got your hands full, but new opportunities are always a blessing! I'm going back to school full time, in addition to being a mom and maintaining my blog, so I understand about not wanting to let go something you've put so much work into, it's a job in itself! If you find the magic formula to making it work, let me know...I'm literally flat on my back, burnt out and sick from a week of Scholastic Book Fair, as the chairperson at my children's school. I'm letting it go...which is my only solution of maintaining balance, seriously prioritizing and realizing I can't do it all!!

Crafting Play said...

What a super idea!! :) Thanks for sharing! (And good luck with the new job!)

elissa @ one stone events said...

congrats on the job! we love annie's bunnies too and i just did this as part of the party favors for my son's birthday (worked with the theme)! so cute!

Nellie @ Annie's said...

Too cute! Congratulations on your new position, I am sure they are "hoppy" to have you.

- Nellie (from Annie's Homegrown)

Jessie said...

This is adorable - and we love Annie's too!!

I can definitely relate to the work/life balance issue as a mom (and momma-to-be)and business owner. I wish I had some advice for you, but I just take it day by day - it's the best I can do!

Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) said...

Am totally amazed that you can hold a full-time job, be a mom, and maintain this lovely blog all at once?!!!

Cecilia Goodman said...

Wow, a full-time mom and you still have time to share this kind of fabulous inspiration. That's awesome! I know I've always enjoyed reading your tips. These labels would've been great wrapping for the pretty paisley easter party I held -- an idea for next year!

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