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A good play on words is my fave, so it's no surprise that I love creating silly Valentines.  The past few years I’ve come up with candy-free ideas inspired by goodies in Target's dollar section, and this year I hit the jackpot with these ‘mystical ponies'.  Cater to my daughter's horse obsession... why don't mind if I do.  Perhaps the boys won't love them quite as much, but having a unicorn around never hurt anyone, right?

To go with the unicorns, I designed a set of cards as a freebie for you to download and print (white cardstock recommended). The colored stars in the pattern are intended as a guide for placing the figures. Just punch out the colored stars and thread a small length of baking twine over the unicorn and out the back.  Tie the twine firmly on the back of the card to hold the figure in place.

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Feel free to get creative and attach any one of a kind magical creature you can think of.  Dragons, yetis, hippogriffs and jackalopes are all fair game… if you can manage to find them in tiny plastic form of course.  Have a magical Valentines Day!

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Jacqui Odell said...

I think both boys and girls would like this.

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