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Welcome to Theo’s Starlight Starbright first birthday party!  First off, I'm sharing the inspiration for this event at Honest to Nod, the Land of Nod's blog today.  I'm developing a series of these party on boards for them and I'm pretty pumped about it. This one is especially dear to my heart since it helped bring Theo's first birthday to life, and you can check out the details right here.

We held this small family party at dusk, and luckily the weather permitted it to be held both indoors + outdoors (that’s a perk of winter in California).  Since the party was in the evening, we encouraged the little ones to come in their pjs so they could head right to sleep when they got home. Theo and his sister Caitlin wore their matching star pjs and looked pretty dang adorable.

Chilly though it was, we had dessert in the backyard around our fire pit.  The highlight was the vanilla buttercream cake from Cakewalk Baking that I simply embellished with a sparkly star garland and chocolate stars.  Plus a mini smash version for Theo, which he proceeded to pick up and eat whole. True story. Big mess. Michele also surprised us with some shortbread stars + meringues, and we had all the fixings for a classic s’mores bar... including chocolate graham crackers (which may need to become a permanent addition to our family s'mores roasting - so good!)

The outdoor tables held flannel blankets I embellished with handmade yarn poms for a bit of flair.  I’ve never made pom-poms before and I have to tell you it was one of the most fun and silly crafts I’ve done in a long time. Basically I had to give them a haircut to keep them even in size.

Inside we laid out a casual dinner for friends and family in the kitchen (my husband’s infamous mac + cheese, w/ winter spinach salad and assorted cheeses, dips etc). I got this beautiful print as a freebie from Caravan Shoppe and paired it with a sparkly star garland above the kitchen table, along with a jar of greenery and metallic star ornaments.  

Each family received a handmade favor that had a special surprise inside. I cut potato stamp stars and used craft paint to stamp them onto muslin bags. In addition to some non-pariel star cookies, the bags included a set of glow in the dark stars for the kid's rooms. I designed the ‘for stargazing’ tag to coordinate with the invitations.

We had benches around the fire pit with star pillows, lanterns and blankets to help keep everyone warm. Sitting underneath the twinkle lights and roasting marshmallows, it had exactly the cozy evening charm we were hoping for.

I neglected to mention or photograph the mylar star balloons... the living room ceiling was covered with them. At least I captured one in this picture with Theo, aka my Teddy bear.  I know I've already said this, but you guys- could he be any cuter?!  He's a handful, but boy is he a sweetheart. 

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Special thanks goes out to The Land of Nod and their amazing products for helping bring this party to life! // Images are for personal use only. If sharing them on your site, please link directly to this post.  // Invitations + Favor Tags available via Etsy.

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