Enchanting Layer Cakes | 4th Birthday Fairy Party


Well, I promised you cake didn't I? Instead of a dessert spread, I thought it would be fun to do four different layer cakes for this 4th birthday fairy party.  Naturally I wasn't going to be able to tackle it alone, so I begged the help of my friend and master baker Michele of Cakewalk Baking (aka owner of these pretty vintage cakestands). She and I split the work and created the following flavors: red velvet with classic cream cheese frosting // lemon bundt cake with sugar glaze // chocolate with vanilla buttercream // white cake with fresh strawberry buttercream.  Oh, my mouth is watering just remembering how good they all were.

I wanted the cake table to be the focal point of the party, so I hung mesh netting from the trees above and adorned it with a few ribbons leftover from the wands.  I added a few fresh berries + garden flowers and the effect really was charming.  The girls... and the grownups... were beyond excited to pick out their favorite flavor of cake.

In case you're quietly judging, you should know that I made an attempt at more nutritious kid snacks as well... fruit salad, veggies + hummus, yogurt stars, etc.  But honestly, who can get excited about hummus with four types of cake sitting around?

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