Pixie Party | a Fairy 4th Birthday

The first day of spring was on Friday, hooray! For those of you who have been pummeled by snow, the warmer weather is definitely something to celebrate. And what's more spring than a pixie party, am I right?  Truth is we actually hosted this party for Caitlin's 4th birthday last year, so this post is more than a bit overdue. Let's just say I've been sitting on it, waiting and hoping to inspire you with some fun spring color. Totally intentional, obviously.

When we planned this party, I asked Caitlin what kind of theme she wanted, and she was all about Tinkerbell and the Disney Fairies.  Fortunately for me, I got her to compromise and we made it more of a garden pixie party. I designed a playful invitation in a color palette of teal and peach w/ black + white polka dot accents. She was happy. I was happy.

We had 8 little ladies and their parents over for afternoon of fairy games and cake. At the beginning of the party each girl earned her wings, wand and a pixie dust necklace to wear and bring home as a favor. The wings were a steal from Target and I DiY'ed the ribbon wands and pixie dust (tutorials are at the end of this post). I felt like a fairy godmother passing them out... the girls were in awe.

We tagged each set with a name in order to prevent tears if someone didn't get their preferred color. There a few seconds of pouting, but overall it worked out really well... maybe because I blamed the color choice on the fairies.

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To keep this post from getting too long, I'm breaking it up into a few parts - and you're going to want to come back for the cake... s.  Yes, plural.  If you want to know how I made the ribbon wands and pixie dust, see below for quick and easy instructions.

But wait, there's more... have you seen the rest of this party yet?  Cakes \\  Activities 

Ribbon Wands 

Wooden Dowels
Craft Paint
Washi Tape
Sponge Brush
3 widths/types of ribbon
Glue Dots

1. Cut each dowel to about 1 ft length.
2. Wrap washi around the lower third and dab on paint w/ a sponge brush. Remove washi when the paint is dry.
3. Cut each ribbon into 2 ft lengths. Group each type of ribbon together and tie in a knot around the top of the dowel.
4. Hold knot in place with a glue dot on the dowel.

Pixie Dust Necklaces 
This one is fairly self explanatory. I purchased the jars here and filled them with gold craft glitter. I measured a length of baking twine so it could be knotted around the jar twice and the cord would still be long enough to slip over each girl's head without having to add a clasp.

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