A French Toast Birthday Brunch

Carrie Rowe sent us this charming French Toast birthday brunch with so many mouthwatering details... can anyone say chocolate covered bacon?  Love all the options for french toast toppings and sauce, not to mention the oranges as place cards.  See below for more details...

photos © kelli trontel

From Carrie:  Since the whole party was based off of the birthday girl's love for French toast we obviously had that, BUT we didn't make traditional French toast. Sara made French toast dippers and homemade syrup! We also provided a toppings bar, bacon, mini doughnuts and chocolate covered bacon (don't knock it till you try). For beverages we offered coffee, water and orange juice.  The decor was very simple. We styled a beautiful table with light fabrics, individual place settings, cake stands, hand painted mustache cups and coffee pots with daffodils. Oranges were placed at each setting doubling as a place card and then used to make fresh squeeze OJ. We strung doilies from the ceiling and had a vintage window hanging on the wall.  Party Favors- I made French Toast Cupcakes and placed "bacon and eggs" on top. The "bacon and eggs" was made from two pretzel sticks, white chocolate and a yellow M&M. We made cupcake boxes from craft paper and wrapped them in twine.

Event Styling: Carrie Rowe & Sara Trammel
Photographs: Kelli Trontel
Bacon and Eggs idea: Cakie
Fabrics: Joann Fabrics


Carrie Rowe said...

Thank you SO much for featuring our party!!! It is such an HONOR.

Michelle DuPuis said...

Super cute!

Anonymous said...

i love all those syrups... what a good idea for a party!

Sarah said...

Ok so I'm pretty much in love. This would also be a fun fathers day breakfast on a smaller scale.

- Sarah

Caroline said...

I need to have a brunch like that!!! I love everything about this!!

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