A Classic Transportation Themed 2nd Birthday

Casey of the blog My Life as a Sugar Lander is such a talent. I always love her creative projects and she was kind enough to share her son Noah's recent 2nd birthday party with us here. Simple sweet and full of fun... which is exactly what a second birthday party should be. The wooden trucks in handcrafted invitations are just plain brilliant.  As a sidebar, Casey and her family just made a huge move to Scotland this month, so join me in wishing them the best on their new adventure.

photos © casey baudoin

From Casey: We celebrated Noah turning two this past weekend.  It was a lot of fun!  For his second birthday, we had a festive transportation theme, complete with a little wooden cake topper, car and bus cut outs (inspired by Orla Kiely and Dwell Studio) and some cardboard cars and airplanes. There also seemed to be a stripe theme too which I didn't plan.  What can I say, I love stripes!  For the invites, I found these wooden trucks months ago at Michael's, and picked some up, thinking they would be good decor for the party.  I decided to use them as part of the invitation instead. I also made a little pom pom for the top of Noah's birthday hat.  It was super easy to make!  For the cake, I finally got to try making a rainbow cake, although I attempted a gradient green.  I liked the 4 greens I did a lot more when they were in the batter stage.  Once cooked, it looked like I made 2 layers of 2 colors.  It was pretty all icing-ed up and was yummy to eat.  Noah loved the sparkle candle too!  It was such a fun afternoon with friends and family. We'll have to do it again!


Sarah said...

This is super cool. I love how they did the invitations. The cardboard cars too. I remember doing cardboard drive in movies as a kid with friends.

- Sarah

Unknown said...

That candle is awesome! Where did you find it?

Great birthday, I love all the touches with the car theme!

Where My Heart Is said...

What a fabulous party idea. So much love and work has been put into executing this party. What a lucky boy Noah is! I'm off to look at the talented Casey's blog.

casey said...

thanks so much for featuring noah's party and invites!!
andrea - i got the candle online (don't remember the website)... just look up sparkler candles!!

Christine {Pure Joy} said...

A huge fan of Casey's style and work.

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