A Rosé Inspired Valentine’s Day Luncheon

Happy Valentine's Day from Kim of Geranium Lake Flowers!  For this pretty party, we were inspired by the warm glow of sunlight {rare here in the Northwest!} and bottles of Rosé. We love the romantic look of them gathered down a table and couldn’t wait to invite our girlfriends over for a Valentine’s Day lunch!

We started by assembling a dozen or so bottles of various rose wines. Everything from the labels to the tones of the wine is appealing to us. So we went to work gathering various elements in the same color family to set our table.

To create a runner, we actually used a roll of wrapping paper that we had lying around to create of focal piece down the center of our table. Depending on the size of your table, you can customize the runner’s width by folding the edges under to create a crisp “seam”. We did this because, although we have a wide table, we wanted a narrow runner for contract against the wood.

Next it was time for the place settings. We used tea towels as napkins but sewed a pompom garland at the edge of each for a little whimsy.

Then it was time to create a centerpiece. We used a piece of milk glass that we already had and, of course, we stuck with all tones of red from bright strawberry to deep burgundy. Use what is in season and/or local from your florist or grocery store and gather a selection of flowers in this color palette.

The important part of this arrangement is the color. Remember: Rosé!

The final touches were tiny votives placed down the table for a little more ambiance and then our table was complete.

Our Valentine’s lunch was a hit and all of our friends left feeling loved {and maybe just a little buzzed}. All in all, an excellent way to spend this cupid’s day.

photos © erica ann photography

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