DiY Feather Placecards

This week kicks off with a special guest contributor.  I've been dreaming up some projects involving feathers for fall and I just knew she would have a brilliant idea up her sleeve. Please join me in welcoming... Jenny from Hank + Hunt! And stay tuned for more fun feathered projects throughout the week...

Hi! I’m Jenny from Hank + Hunt and I am here with a fall feather placecard.   Since the holidays bring lots of large dinner parties, place cards are a fun way to dress us your table. These simple kraft paper cards are adorned with a single feather.   Simple and pretty. 

You will need:
Glue Dots
1/8” hole punch
If you prefer to print your names, use this template, and place your text centered over the last 1/3 of the second and fourth rows of boxes.  Print. 

Once you have printed your sheets, or if you prefer to hand write the names, it is time to cut out your cards. Cut 1/2” of the top and bottom of your sheet of cardstock. Follow the guides or cut the sheet in half both horizontally and vertically. You will have four cards. 

Fold cards in half. 

Punch a hole in the upper left corner of the front of the card.

Insert feather end in the hole from the front.

Adhere the end of feather on the back of the card with a Glue Dot. 

photos © hank and hunt
Thank you so much for having me Becca! xo, Jenny


Sarah said...

This is so easy and very awesome. Perfect for a Halloween party or Fall party. Thanks for sharing!

- Sarah

Lo. said...

They're cute

Christy said...

What a great idea! Simple and sophisticated- even I could do it!

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