Feathers, Owls + Cocktails by the Fire

Cozy up around the fireplace and enjoy a glass of Pinot Noir... here are a few simple ideas to add ambiance to a fall dinner or cocktail party at home.

These soft and delicate feather garlands were easily created using a needle and thread to string quail and pheasant feathers in varying patterns (not to worry... no birds were harmed in the making of these garlands).

The owls were purchased at a discount store in an unattractive silver color.  A few coats of flat white spray paint immediately modernized them and gave them the appearence of porcelain.  It was such a simple fix that I've been resisting a strong urge to spray paint all of my household objects.

A mantle is always a natural home to display seasonal objects like these, but add a few bottles of wine and some cocktails to the mix and you have yourself a cozy party by the fire! 


photos + styling © cake. 2011


jessica said...

Oh how cozy! You have such a good eye!

Lo. said...

those feathers look so soft!

Cassie said...

pretty feathers. so natural and dreamy.


Alicia said...

I LOVE those white owls... Can you tell me where I can find them?

Anonymous said...

Yes! Please tell us more about the owls.

CAKE Creative Co. said...

Alicia: Glad you liked the owls! I found them at a discount store in a fake silver for like $5 (Ross I think), and spray painted them in flat white to look like porcelain. There is probably no shortage of ugly owls in thrift stores if you want to give it a try yourself! :)

Margot Madison Creative said...

Those feathers are so wonderful as a garland! Soft but masculine too. And great idea on spray painting the discount store owls white. Love it!

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