Vintage Winter White Desserts

Spring is just around the corner friends, but before we say goodbye to winter I couldn't resist sharing this vintage winter white sweets table, designed for Gatherings magazine by the lovely Jessie of Shop Sweet Lulu.  We finally had a chance to hang out at the Alt Summit in January, and she truly is as sweet as the products in her shop.

photos © shop sweet lulu

From Jessie: Winter in the Midwestern United States means piles of fluffy white snow, bare tree limbs dripping with icicles, and mugs of steaming hot cocoa enjoyed in front of a fire.  These images inspired my Winter White dessert Table. The offerings included powdery white donuts, fluffy, coconut cake, enormous puffs of marshmallows dipped in dark chocolate, chocolate pirouette cookies, Oreos drenched in white fudge, white chocolate-covered pretzel rods, shimmery white chocolate candies, and of course hot cocoa with marshmallows.  My approach to styling a dessert table is to keep it simple.  I love to use easy to make (or easy to buy) desserts and accessorize tables with items that can be found around the house (easy for me to say, since I have a massive vintage collection and have an entire party supply shop at my disposal)!  I stayed with the white theme, using various white cake stands and glass candy jars.  I like to alternate heights, often stacking one cake stand on top of another for variation and visual interest.  Lace doilies remind me of snowflakes in their beauty and simplicity, and I covered the table in doilies of every shape and size.  I used bits of lace as ribbon ties for the marshmallow puffs, as well as lengths of various cocoa colored ribbons.  While most of the table is white, I needed those little pops of dark chocolate for contrast.


Sarah said...

This would be perfect for one of those parties where everyone show up in their wedding dress lol!

- Sarah

prom dresses said...

:O My favorite colored theme details!! Soft and surreal! Love the white and lavender, so I always love the winter wedding!!

Mon said...

Beautiful dessert table! Love this!


Uncle Beefy said...

Um, LOVE this! OMgoodness this is so sweet! Jessie is so talented and, without a doubt, super sweet herself for sure! :)

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